Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Chapter 2

Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Chapter 2

Berikut adalah contoh soal latihan UAS / PAS smeseter ganjil SMP kelas VIII yang diambil dari berbagai materi semseter ganjil kelas VIII.

Soal terdiri dari 50 nomor pilihan ganda, dilengkapi kunci jawaban dan dapat didownload secara gratis dalam bentuk file PDF.
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Multiple choice test

Choose a, b, c or d for the best answer

1. Teacher: May I have your attention, please!
Student: …….
a. Thanks
b. I think so
c. Alright
d. I don’t believe it

2. Teacher: Do you know what I mean?
Student: ….. I got it.
a. Great
b. Yes, Ma’am
c. I think so
d. No, you didn’t

3. Rina
: Wow, your handmade embroidery is nice.
: ………
a. Thanks
b. You’re welcome
c. I think so
d. I don’t think so

4. Izmi: I think Januar is the smartest  student in our class. What do you think?
Wina: ……. He always ranks first.
a. I don’t agree
b. I don’t think so
c. I think so
d. I don’t believe it

5. Ita: What do you think if we go to Mount Galunggung this weekend?
Nisa: ……
a. That’s good idea
b. I agree with him
c. I have no idea
d. I don’t think so

6. Ihsan: Will you come to my birthday party next Sunday?
Ali: I probably a bit late but I promise to attend the party.
In the statement above, Ali ….. to Ihsan’s birthday party.
a. doesn’t come
b. will not come
c. will come
d. cannot come

7. Teacher
: Can you clean the clean the whiteboard, please!
: ….
a. Yes, Sir
b. No, thanks
c. Thank you
d. I’m sorry

8. Irham: Will Gary ….. to school today?
Yusuf: No, he won’t. He is sick.
a. come
b. comes
c. coming
d. came

9. Nina: It’s hot. ……, please.
Rani: Sorry, but the fan is broken.
a. Turn off the fan
b. Turn on the fan
c. Open the fan
d. Turn down the fan

10. A teacher comes and finds out that the whiteboard is still full of writing. What does she probably say to the students?
a. Don’t clean the whiteboard.
b. Write on the whiteboard, please.
c. Sweep the whiteboard.
d. Clean the whiteboard, please.

11. Here are some kinds of regulation at school, except….
a. The students must keep the classroom clean
b. The students must have meal in the classroom
c. The students must ask permission to leave the classroom
d. The students must give attention to the teacher

12. Arsen :  Do you see my bag?
Naufal:  Is it …..?
Arsen : No, it isn’t. My bag is the blue one.
a. Yours
b. Theirs
c. His
d. Mine

13. Jessie
: Would you like to pass me the sugar?
: Certainly. …..
a. That’s the sugar
b. It is
c. Here I am
d. Here you are

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14. Dina
: It’s almost 7 o’clock now. We’ll have flag ceremony today.
: …………
a. Let’s go the school field now
b. Let’s go to canteen
c. Let’s go to the library
d. Let’s go to the classroom

15. Dayu
: Do you mind if I turn off the AC?

: …… just turn it off.
a. I have no idea
b. Yes, of course
c. No, go right ahead
d. I don’t agree

16. Who is the receiver of the card?
a. Nizar
b. Adina
c. Nizar’s friend
d. Adina’s mother

17. Why does Adina send the card?
a. To make her friend happy on his success
b. To express her gratitude on his friend’s success
c. To congratulate her friend on his success
d. To wish her friend on his success

18. I’m


of you.

The antonym of the underlined word is

a. pride
b. hate
c. ashamed
d. upset

Soal UAS / PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

19. The card is sent to celebrate …..
a. Mother’s day
b. Mother’s birthday
c. Father’s day
d. Father’s birthday

20. When do we usually celebrate that day?
a. December 21
b. December 22
c. May 21
d. May 22

Soal UAS / PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

21. What kind of text is it?
a. Notice
b. Announcement
c. Greeting card
d. Invitation

22. When will the party be held?
a. Sunday afternoon
b. Sunday evening
c. Goban Restaurant
d. Jl. Ahmad Yani 100 Tasikmalaya

23. Lula
: How …. water do the giraffes drink?
: They drink a lot of water.
a. many
b. much
c. any
d. some

24. Nafa
: How many zookeepers are there in Safari Zoo?
: There are …. zookeepers work there.
a. few
b. much
c. a lot of
d. many

Arrange the words below into correct order!

(1) many – (2) aren’t – (3) there – (4) the – (5) zoo – (6) in – (7) visitors

The correct order is . . . . .

a. 3-1-7-2-6-4-5
b. 3-7-2-1-6-4-5
c. 3-2-1-7-6-4-5
d. 6-4-5-1-7-3-2

26. The soup is bland. I must put …. salt in it.
a. Many
b. A few
c. Some
d. Any

27. I invite …. friends for dinner.
a. less
b. a little
c. a few
d. much

28. The elephants like …. green long grass.
a. eating
b. eats
c. eat
d. ate

Arrange the words below into correct order!

(1) students – (2) always – (3) with – (4) smart – (5) their – (6) use – (7) friends – (8) English

a. 1-3-4-6-5-7-8-2
b. 1-3-6-4-5-7-8-2
c. 4-1-2-6-8-3-5-7
d. 4-1-2-5-7-6-8-3

Arrange the words below into correct order!

(1) often – (2) Sport Center – (3) the – (4) visit – (5) on – (6) Sunday – (7)people

a. 5-6-7-4-3-2-1
b. 5-6-7-1-3-2-4
c. 7-1-4-3-6-5-2
d. 7-1-4-3-2-5-6

31. Dessy and I …… the same interest.
a. has
b. have
c. had
d. having

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32. We always …. our dishes after meals.
a. wash
b. washes
c. washing
d. washed

33. Andzar …. English diligently.
a. study
b. studies
c. studied
d. studying

Soal UAS / PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8



are happy to hear that.

Who does the underlined word refers to?

a. Luthfia
b. English speech contest
c. Uncle Dzikri and Aunt Mina
d. Winning the speech contest

“Please check in your baggage one hour before boarding time”

35. Where do we usually find the notice?
a. at railways station
b. at bus station
c. at the airport
d. at petrol station

36. Rudi
: Can I stop here?
Policeman: …… It’s a dangerous place.
a. No, you can’t
b. Yes, you can’t
c. No, you can
d. Yes, you can

Panda is the cutest animal I’ve ever seen. Panda looks like a bear, but the colors are black and white. Panda looks like a tame animal, but actually it’s wild one. Panda eats bamboo and they almost eat 40 Kg of bamboo in a day. Panda is from China. I like panda very much.

37. What is the purpose of the text above?
a. to explain about the habitat of panda
b. to retell about the experience of meeting panda
c. to entertain the readers by telling about panda
d. to describes about panda

38. What does the panda eat?
a. leaves
b. bamboo
c. bush
d. sugar cane

39. Is panda a tame animal?
a. Yes, it is
b. no, it isn’t
c. Yes, it does
d. No, it doesn’t

40.  The sun is …. brightly today.
a. shine
b. shines
b. shone
c. shining

41. The children ….. playing in the school field.
a. is
b. are
c. do
d. does

42. Riska usually …. to school at 6.30 a.m.
a. go
b. goes
c. going
d. went

43. Puspa …. studies hard everyday because she wants to be the best student in her school.
a. rarely
b. sometimes
c. never
d. always

44. Mathematics is the ….. subject for me.
a. difficulter
b. more difficult
c. difficultest
d. most difficult

45. His new job is …… than his old job.
a. gooder
b. goodest
c. better
c. best

Strawberry Juice


1. 5 large strawberries
2. 2 tsp sugar
3. 1/2 glass of water
4. milk or yogurt (optional)
5. ice cubes


1. Slice the fruits
2. Put them into blender
3. Pour water, sugar and ice cubes.
4. If you like it creamy, you may add milk or add yogurt if you prefer sour taste.
5. Blend them for about 2 or 3 minutes.
6. Pour into the glass, add straw and the juice is ready to drink.

46. What is the text about?
a. The description of strawberry
b. The way to make strawberry juice
c. The way to ask people to consume juice
d. How to drink strawberry juice

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47. What should we do if we want to make creamy strawberry juice?
a. Add more ice cubes
b. Add milk
c. Add yogurt
d. Add more strawberries

48. From the text, how many strawberries do we need?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

49. “


them for about….”
(step 4)

What is the synonym of the underlined word?

a. separate
b. add
c. pour
d. mix

50. Which statement is


according to the text?
a. We need 5 small strawberries
b. We add yogurt to make sour taste
c. Blend the juice for about 2-3 minutes
d. We need a blender to blend the juice

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Berikut kunci jawaban soal UAS / PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8

1. c. Alright

2. b. Yes, Ma’am

3. a. Thanks

4. c. I think so

5. a. That’s good idea

6. c. will come

7. Teacher : Can you -clean the- clean the a. Yes, Sir

8. a. come

9. b. Turn on the fan

10. d. Clean the whiteboard, please.

11. b. The students must have meal in the classroom

12. a. Yours

13. d. Here you are

14. a. Let’s go the school field now

15. c. No, go -right- ahead

16. a. Nizar

17. c. To congratulate her friend on his success

18. c. ashamed

19. a. Mother’s day

20. a. December 21

21. d. Invitation

22. a. Sunday afternoon

23. b. much

24. d. many

25. c. 3-2-1-7-6-4-5

26. c. Some

27. c. a few

28. a. eating

29. c. 4-1-2-6-8-3-5-7

30. d. 7-1-4-3-2-5-6

31. b. have

32. a. wash

33. b. studies

34. c. Uncle Dzikri and Aunt Mina

35. c. at the airport

36. a. No, you can’t

37. d. to describes about panda

38. b. bamboo

39. b. no, it isn’t

40. c. shining

41. b. are

42. b. goes

43. d. always

44. d. most difficult

45. c. better

46. b. The way to make strawberry juice

47. b. Add milk

48. b. 5

49. d. mix

50. a. We need 5 small strawberries

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Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 Chapter 2


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